Career Changes

Career ChangesCareer Changes are becoming a norm in the corporate scene. However, not so many people understand the impacts of a job redesign on an employee’s mental health.

In many workplaces, there's a significant gap separating employers and employees such that it becomes difficult for staff to express their dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of work. A significant number of people enjoy their career positions, but their work remains a major contributing factor to their distress.

Consulting a Psychiatrist in Buffalo can help reduce cases of absenteeism and sick leave because of distress.

Employees are usually reluctant to pin-point some shortcomings that may be affecting their engagement and productivity at work. Understandably, you wouldn't want to isolate yourself as the only person complaining and unable to keep up with the standards of the company. Nonetheless, a job redesign has both positive and negative impact on your mental health. Consulting a Psychiatrist Buffalo can help reduce cases of absenteeism and sick leaves because of distress.

You may be thinking of a career change but confused about how this will impact your mental wellness. This piece discusses both the positive and negative impacts of a job redesign to your health.

Fewer Hours = Less Stress

Among the reasons that cause mental stress at work are long hours and overtime [which sometimes goes unpaid]. That can lead to stress and frustrations; not to mention fatigue. By switching to another flexible job description, you can work for fewer hours and embark on other stuff in your life. Additionally, it brings job satisfaction as you can now get the work-life balance you've been wanting.

Staff Empowerment

Studies have indicated that organizations that deploy a micromanagement system negatively impact the mental wellness of staff. Micromanagement involves close supervision that takes note of the smallest details of an employee's work. Such management systems lower the staff's self-esteem because they don't have control over their work.

However, a job redesign offers workers a sense of autonomy, allowing them to express their creativity and independence. That revs up their sense of purpose, which improves their mental well-being.

Warm Relationships with Fellow Employees

Another benefit of a career change is that it allows you to work with colleagues you can warmly relate with. That positively affects our productivity and satisfaction at work. Taking a step up your career path means you have deep passion, values, and motivation. A job redesign gives you the chance to work alongside people who share the same aspirations as you do.

Negative Impact of Job Redesign to Your Mental Health

While downsizing, restructuring, and mergers may cause stress among employees, career change has also emerged as a major factor contributing to distress among workers. Job redesigning has become a popular concept in many companies. Even so, it has also been the reason behind many sick leaves among employees, because of increased stress. The underlying cause is that they [employees] feel out of control in their job. They signed up for something, and now they have to deal with something different.

Additionally, employees are less likely to pin-point how a particular change of career has affected their health. However, it is critical for companies to partner with Williamsville Psychiatry as part of the general fabric to ensure employees get the mental healthcare they need. Employee training also helps workers to smoothly go through the transition to their new positions, alleviating mental stress.

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