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The local psychiatrist is a blog written by the Buffalo based Psychiatry firm of Williamsville Psychiatry.  We will endeavor to give you views and opinions on the psychiatry industry to help you in whatever it is you're looking for.

Child and Adolescent PsychiartyChild and adolescent psychiatry: When is it necessary, and how does it help?

Mental illness is commonplace in the world as it is, and while much focus is given in the adults, it is best to recognize that not only are children suffering from mental illnesses, but they also need professional care to help them overcome it. A disturbed childhood haunts people into their adulthood; that is why it is vital that it is harnessed early into their childhood. Child and adolescent psychiatrists are trained professionals who asses and treat children with mental illnesses. Just as they do with adults, they approach this treatment by converging the physical, social and emotional aspects specific to the child in the treatment.

Career Changes: How This Can Affect Your Mental Health and Wellness

Career ChangesCareer Changes are becoming a norm in the corporate scene. However, not so many people understand the impacts of a job redesign on an employee’s mental health.

In many workplaces, there's a significant gap separating employers and employees such that it becomes difficult for staff to express their dissatisfaction with a particular aspect of work. A significant number of people enjoy their career positions, but their work remains a major contributing factor to their distress.

Assertiveness: How a Psychiatrist Can Help

AssertivenessAre you struggling with communicating your needs both at work and at home? Do you hide your emotions for fear of hurting others? How often do you avoid requesting assistance because you fear to appear demanding and unreasonable? You may be facing such challenges because you lack assertiveness, which causes physical, emotional, and mental issues.

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself well and stand up for your point of view while respecting the beliefs and rights of others. Assertiveness is an important communication skill because it can improve your self-esteem and earn your peer's respect. It can also help you with stress management, especially if you take on many responsibilities because you find it hard to say "no!"

Stress: How It Effects Your Mind and Body

StressStress is a part of day to day life but too much of it can be bad for your health. Lots of people blame their irritability, frequent headaches, and insomnia on illness when it is actually a result of excessive stress.

Grief And Loss

GriefAt some point in our lives, we will all experience grief and loss in our lives. To mourn loss is a natural human reaction and one that should be embraced as part of the grieving process.

Psychiatry practice has studied grief for decades and has identified common stages, and the prevalent impacts that loss can have on an individual. It's important to note that there is no 'right way' to grieve, and everyone is going to react differently to loss.

Identifying Behavior Problems

behavior problemsBefore recognizing how a psychiatrist can be an aid for those who are suffering from behavior problems and mental disorders, it's worth defining it:

Behavioral health describes the connection between a person's well-being and their behaviors. These may include eating habit, self-care, and how exercise impacts physical and mental health. While behavioral health used to encompass behaviors that prevent illnesses and promote wellness, it has recently overlapped into mental health, with the term eventually becoming wide-reaching. As a discipline, behavioral health includes mental health, rationality, and addiction treatment.

What is Childhood Separation Anxiety?

Childhood Separation AnxietyChildhood separation anxiety is a normal development state for children between 8 to 14 months old. These children tend to be clingy and afraid of strangers and unfamiliar places.


How to Ease Childhood Separation Anxiety

If you understand the copying strategies outlined below, you can relieve childhood separation anxiety. It is expected to fade as your child grows older.

You can take the following steps to ease the process of the "normal" separation anxiety:

Does TMS Therapy Work for People With Depressive Disorders?

TMS TherapyPeople who suffer from depression often struggle to find good solutions that can bring them real relief. Often, many people find no solution out there works for them at all. However, one solution giving hope to many people with depression is TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation.

What Is TMS Therapy and How Does It Work?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation sounds like a mouthful but it's really a simple procedure. TMS involves the use of magnetic pulses to stimulate nerves and areas of the brain that typically become less active during depression. The procedure is a noninvasive one and doesn't require surgery, drugs, sedation, or anything else.

A credentialed TMS physician will start the process and a professional TMS technician will administer the treatment. The typical TMS session can take about half an hour, and the patient will do it a few days of the week for a period no longer than a month or two.

Different TMS modalities exist and different people require individualized treatment. For that reason, how the process work can have some slight variations from person to person.

Treating Anger Management

Anger ManagmentAnger management problems can be destructive to your health, career, and relationships. Rage can overwhelm you and lead to violence, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Unpredictable behavior and frenzied outbursts can also put your colleagues, friends, and family members at risk.

If you have problems with uncontrollable anger, it's essential that you find support to learn strategies to manage it. Options include outpatient and inpatient programs with mental health professionals. Modern facilities offer highly targeted and effective treatment that achieve good results in as little as eight weeks.

Irrepressible anger is a symptom of a deep-seated emotional problem. Inability to manage results in erratic behavior. Numerous issues arise because you abandon rationality when you're overcome by rage. Problems resulting from anger-related erratic behavior include addictions, abuse, violence, and problems with the law.

People suffering from anger issues often believe their feelings are inappropriate, so they try to suppress their anger. Dealing with their anger this way leads to health problems and stormy emotional outbursts.

Adult Psychiatry Treatment - We Can Helpadult psychiatry treatment

Adult psychiatric treatment occurs in a variety of settings and focuses on helping adults to over daily challenges and cope with problems — adult psychiatry presents solutions to individuals, group, couples, or family members.

Currently, adult psychiatry is at a very advanced stage. Most facilities consist of multidisciplinary treatment department with professional psychiatry, physician assistants, psychiatric social workers, psychiatry nurses, unit counselors, occupational, and recreational therapists, and many more. With advanced technology, there is a wide array of biological treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy and pharmacotherapy. What makes the difference is the dedication of the treatment team to offer superior services to all patients while maintaining the highest level of integrity and commitment to putting their clients first.

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