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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS

Williamsville Psychology will be offering transcranial magnetic stimulation
starting August 13, 2018. Williamsville Psychology has decided to be a part of a small group of psychologists within a 70-mile radius of Buffalo, New York to offer the treatment.

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Now Accepting New Patients

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Now Accepting New Patients
We are a group of compassionate healthcare provides that offer psychiatric services to those of all ages. Our practionioners offer psychiatric evelatuation, medication management, psychotherapy. We are generally able to offer a new patient appointment within 2-3 weeks. A physician referral is preferred to assist and us in preparing for the intial assessment. We strive to collaborate and coordinate patient care and a copy of the assessment will be sent to the referring physician. If you are in need of a psychiatrist call Williamsville Psychiatry today, 716-886-5493.
If you are in need of a psychiatric evaluation and
would like to schedule an appointment with one of our providers call our office today!
Call 716-886-5493


If you are a physician needing to refer a patient to our practice for a psychiatric evaluation, please send to us in writing, your most recent progress notes, a note or referral stating the reason for referral to a psychiatrist, and include the insurance face sheet if possible with patient contact information.  We will generally schedule within 7-14 days a new patient with a physician referral. Our fax is 716-886-5835

Now Accepting New Patients

If you are in need of a psychiastrist contact us today.
We can accept most new cases within 2-3 weeks!

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