Organization and Time Management

Time ManagementWe're all told the importance of organization and time management from elementary schools all the way to our professional working lives. And, there's a good reason for wanting to instill these traits within all of us. People that are organized and know how to manage their time tend to be more successful. The simple fact is that these people can achieve more in their day, making them more efficient in the workplace and their personal lives. Luckily, time management and organization are both skills anyone can work on with the help of a psychiatrist.

The Potential Impacts

Often, being unorganized stems deeper than simply not being able to write a to-do list. Some people feel, no matter what is on their plate for the day, they don't know where to start. This can turn into a chronic issue, causing every morning to feel like an impossible challenge.

The consequences of poor time management will vary from person to person, but they can be significant.

Poor Work Performance

If you are always late for work, missing deadlines, or forgetting about projects, it can reflect poorly on your work performance. If you are warned multiple times without improvement, it can even result in a demotion or loss of a job.


It may surprise you to know that your poor organizational skills can negatively impact your personal relationships. Your partner, friends, and family members can be left feeling forgotten or frustrated by your actions. For example, if your lack of time management skills is causing you to be late for get-togethers or forget about birthdays, people in your life can interpret that to mean you don't care about them.

Mental Health

Over time, whether it's at work or in your personal life, your lack of organizational skills will start to be brought up. People in your life may comment on it and express their frustrations. If this happens often enough, it can have an impact on your confidence and self-worth.

Limiting Your Potential

If you genuinely believe that you're unable to manage your time, you may limit yourself from taking on new opportunities and challenges. You might inherently think that you can't possibly handle learning a new skill or getting that new position because you're not organized enough.

How Psychiatry Can Help with Time Management

If you struggle with time management, it often can be a reflection of your mental health. A psychiatrist can identify root problems that are a source of your inability to stay organized. Often, people who aren't particularly skilled at time management and organization:

  • Are struggling with significant stress

  • Have an undiagnosed attention disorder

  • Have obsessive tendencies or an obsessive disorder

  • Are depressed

A psychiatrist can help you diagnose and address these problems. By identifying the underlying cause behind your difficulties with task management, you'll be able to improve on these skills over time. And, you will see positive changes in all aspects of your life, from your self-esteem to your relationships and your work performance.

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